Built by doctors. Featured by Apple.


In 2017, we set out on a rollercoaster ride to transform the way people quit smoking. In 2018, our aim is to make Quit Genius widely available across every corner of the world.

It starts with a bang with a feature article by Apple on the App Store’s “Today” tab.

It’s crazy to think that less than a year ago we were sitting our final exams at medical school and Quit Genius has now been selected out of 2.2 million apps to feature on the App Store!

We have been working super hard every single day to build and improve Quit Genius and have been inspired by the thousands of people who have successfully quit smoking until now. Hearing their stories and seeing how they give back to our community is what keeps us going every day.

Check out the feature and learn more about how you can make 2018 the year you quit smoking for good! Download the app to help us on our mission to make the world smoke-free by spreading the word!

All the highs and lows on our journey to help 100,000 people quit smoking

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